Godzilla contra Ghidorah, el dragón de tres cabezas

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Godzilla contra Ghidorah, el dragón de tres cabezas
Godzilla contra Ghidorah, el dragón de tres cabezas
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Godzilla contra Ghidorah, el dragón de tres cabezas is one of the most successful films of recent times.
The film had the opportunity to shine in theaters in year 1964 and it succeeded.
The cast of this film (Yosuke Natsuki, Yuriko Hoshi, Hiroshi Koizumi, Akiko Wakabayashi, Emi Ito) has very good results since they hit a lot with the role obtained.

Ishirô Honda adds to his long list of professional career, having been the person in charge of the direction of this film.
The film lasts 92 min. in which the story grabs you from beginning to end.
Although filming can be done around the world, the bulk of the production and crew belongs to Japan.

The script was created by Shinichi Sekizawa.
Toho has been the production company that has given life to this project and for which it has been carried out due to its large initial investment.
Can you imagine seeing a movie without music to accompany the story? It would be all a waste and more if the team of musicians is directed and formed by Akira Ifukube as it is in this case.

The person in charge of making sure that all the photographic elements fit together perfectly was Hajime Koizumi.
The genre of Action, Fantastic, Science fiction is one of the most widely used in film and this is because it tends to work well with audiences.


Critics Godzilla contra Ghidorah, el dragón de tres cabezas

One of the best crossovers. I made a mistake. One of the best in Toho!
Most purely entertaining of the Honda Godzilla movies. Giant monsters + UFOs + political history / spy / assassination attempt. An amazing Godzilla movie!
Every great character has a great villain. Ghidorah: The three-headed monster. Shinichi Sekizawa's Masterpiece
GODZILLA RULES! Classic science fiction masterpiece ahead of its time. An entertaining fantasy that changes the monstrous character
a very good monster movie. One of my personal favorites, it is a must see. It's a Monster Mash!
Big monsters with real movie stars. One of the most beloved entries in the series. An excellent movie
Very good!. Lovely monster chaos. One of the best Godzilla movies.
Other. Meaningful Godzilla movie. I love this movie!
a classic of all time
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