Ernesto Sevilla Film scriptwriter

One of the basic departments in the production of a film is that of the scriptwriters. They are in charge of putting words and actions to the story, always with the intention that the viewer understands perfectly what the director wants to convey. Ernesto Sevilla has a long history of films that he has worked on as a screenwriter and here we bring them to you so you can enjoy his work.
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Screenwriter Ernesto Sevilla

The screenwriter Ernesto Sevilla seeks perfection in all his works and this creates an explosive combination when joining directors like Ernesto Sevilla, Joaquín Reyes who seek the same.

A screenwriter like Ernesto Sevilla does very well in the following genres Comedy, Animation, TV series. Without a doubt, his great gifts as a screenwriter make us get involved in the films he writes.

Movies scripted by Ernesto Sevilla