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Film Amour is a film staple that you can't stop seeing.
The big premiere of the film took place in year 2014.
The cast of this film (Xavi Daura, Esteban Navarro, Ernesto Sevilla) has very good results since they hit a lot with the role obtained.

The responsibility that the film director has during the shooting of a movie is so great that it is sometimes stressful for the person. In this case it was Ernesto Sevilla.
If you wonder how long the movie is, we have the answer: 6 min..
One of the countries with the most films created in the history of cinema is Spain and this film is one of them.

Do you want to know who has given life to the script of the film? The writing team has been led by Ernesto Sevilla.
Venga Monjas has been the production company that has given life to this project and for which it has been carried out due to its large initial investment.
Throughout the entire film we can see the presence of the Comedy genre in the feature film.


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