Una tormenta de verano


Una tormenta de verano
Una tormenta de verano
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Film Una tormenta de verano is a film staple that you can't stop seeing.
The year this movie came out was in 2000.
One of the most important parts prior to filming is the casting of actors and actresses and we believe that this time it is very successful with the participation of Peter Falk, Aaron Meeks, Nastassja Kinski, Andrew McCarthy, Ruby Dee.

The film can say that it is lucky to have been directed by Robert Wise.
The story takes place during 94 min. in which it has you totally entertained.
The movie is from United States.

When the script is wonderful, it is said and in this case the work done by Rod Serling is worthy of admiration.
The film has been generated by the large production company Hallmark Entertainment, Showtime Original Pictures for All Ages.
Music is a differentiating element, which enhances the emotions that the story generates in us and in this case it has been directed by Cynthia Millar.

Albert J. Dunk has a long experience in photography and now has this great film on his long list.
The genre of Drama is one of the most widely used in film and this is because it tends to work well with audiences.


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