Reza por tu alma... y muere


Reza por tu alma... y muere
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Film Reza por tu alma... y muere is a film staple that you can't stop seeing.
When we look back on the year 1970, it is impossible not to think about the premiere of this wonderful movie.
In the cast we can find great actors and actresses like Anthony Steffen, Peter Lee Lawrence, Eduardo Fajardo, Alfredo Mayo, Luis Induni.

We could say that the mission of the film director is to supervise all the tasks of the film and make important decisions for it. This task has been possible thanks to Tulio Demicheli.
The characters live the experience throughout 87 min..
The cinema of Italy is known worldwide and this film from that country could not be less.

We love the way Tulio Demicheli, Florentino Soria, Nino Stresa and his team have managed to convey the message of the film through the script.
The film has been generated by the large production company DIA P.C, Tritone Cinematografica.
The soundtrack of this film enhances the emotions of each scene and the team responsible for making this happen is led by Marcello Giombini.

The person in charge of making sure that all the photographic elements fit together perfectly was Aldo Ricci.
Each person has their tastes regarding what type of feature films they like to see, but without a doubt, if you like the genre Western, you have to see this movie.


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