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Many films get us to delve into their history and provoke feelings in us. Picket Fences is one of them so don't hesitate to check it out.
This film was released in 1992 and people were looking forward to that day.
Both the leads and supporting actors (Tom Skerritt, Kathy Baker, Holly Marie Combs, Justin Shenkarow, Adam Wylie) do an excellent job.

The film can say that it is lucky to have been directed by David E. Kelley, Michael Pressman, Mel Damski, Michael Schultz, Lou Antonio.
The characters live the experience throughout 60 min..
The film industry exists in practically every country in the world, but this feature film belongs to United States.

When we analyze a movie, one of the most important parts to take into account is the script and in this case, it has come from the hand of David E. Kelley, Dawn Prestwich, Nicole Yorkin, David Assael, Ann Donahue.
This film belongs to the production company CBS Productions.
With a long career path, Stewart Levin and his team have created a perfect environment thanks to the music of the film.

Within the 7th art that is cinema, we find photography that is in charge of deciding the frames, positions of the actors, movements of the cameras ... in this case the person in charge of directing this entire process has been Dennis Smith, Tim Suhrstedt, Rexford L. Metz.
Each person has their tastes regarding what type of feature films they like to see, but without a doubt, if you like the genre TV series, Drama, you have to see this movie.


Critics Picket Fences

The good and the bad. too preachy, he hasn't aged well ... meh
Most interesting show in my opinion ....!. I loved. A one-of-a-kind television series
View of the blue states of USA OR TAKE A CHEESE HEAD VILLAGE. Waiting impatiently for the release of the picket fences. David E. Kelley's Masterpiece
Best program about real world problems. We have Saved by the Bell seasons on DVD, and no Picket Fences?!?!?!. I miss him so much
Each episode was a treasure. Impressive show that invites reflection. Great show --- DVD is a must
Douglas Wambaugh for the defense! on TNN. (Greetings and applause). Offer seasons 2-4 on D VD. I hated it
David Kelley's masterpiece. When in Rome, do what the Romans do. Quirky and liberal
I loved this show. Not always a bed of roses. Picket fences - climb this fence to success ****
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