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Perdiendo el norte is a wonderful film that has been around the world.
The year this movie came out was in 2015.
Yon González, Julián López, Blanca Suárez, Miki Esparbé, José Sacristán are the actors and actresses in charge of giving life to the characters that the story tells.

The person we can consider the leader of this entire project is Nacho G. Velilla. With a lot of effort he has managed to lead and coordinate an entire team in order to create an incredible film for his viewers.
The film stretches for 102 min..
It comes from Spain.

When we analyze a movie, one of the most important parts to take into account is the script and in this case, it has come from the hand of Antonio S√°nchez, David S. Olivas, Oriol Capel, Nacho G. Velilla.
The production process is very long, beyond the filming and that has been carried out thanks to the production company Producciones Aparte, Atresmedia Cine, Telefónica Studios.
The key moments of a film must be accompanied by a soundtrack or songs that go according to the moment and that has been taken care of Juanjo Javierre.

The mythical scenes in which the main character is in a visually very harmonious environment, is the product of the great work of Isaac Vila.
The genre of Comedy is one of the most widely used in film and this is because it tends to work well with audiences.


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