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The feature film with such success La invasión de las abejas is ideal for an afternoon of disconnection.
The year this movie came out was in 1978.
Both the leads and supporting actors (Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Dan Haggerty, Tovah Feldshuh, Lonny Chapman, Ike Eisenmann) do an excellent job.

The film can say that it is lucky to have been directed by Lee H. Katzin.
The characters live the experience throughout 97 min..
It is the least interesting to stop to see this movie of United States.

We love the way Peter Nelson, Doris Silverton, Guerdon Trueblood and his team have managed to convey the message of the film through the script.
One of the best known production companies in the film world is Alan Landsburg Productions, CBS Entertainment Production, Don Kirshner Productions, Starlight which in this case has been in charge of bringing this project to life.
The soundtrack of this film enhances the emotions of each scene and the team responsible for making this happen is led by William Goldstein.

The great direction of photography has been taken by Michel Hugo.
Perhaps a large part of the success of this film is that it has been a success to expose this story and these messages from a Terror, Drama, Science fiction genre.


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