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The Countess
Everyone has heard of La condesa, a very successful film worldwide.
The release date of this film is in year 2009.
In the cast we can find great actors and actresses like Julie Delpy, Daniel Br├╝hl, William Hurt, Anamaria Marinca, Sebastian Blomberg.

Film directors are very important in each creation and it is because the work they do is one of the hardest and most sacrificed in the project. This time it was Julie Delpy who suffered while enjoying this experience.
The film stretches for 96 min..
Germany it has been the country that has given us this great movie.

Do you want to know who has given life to the script of the film? The writing team has been led by Julie Delpy, Elizabeth Báthory.
The production companies are betting on certain stories that they will later turn into movies and, without a doubt, EMC Filmproduktion, Fanes Film, Mirabelle Pictures has been completely right with this one.
The film's soundtrack and music were created by Julie Delpy.

Another of the most important parts of a film is the choice of the frames to be used, the lights creating effects, the direction of the gaze of the characters ... all those decisions in this film have been made Martin Ruhe.
The genre of Drama, Thriller is one of the most widely used in film and this is because it tends to work well with audiences.


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