Janet Jackson: That's the Way Love Goes


Janet Jackson: That's the Way Love Goes
Janet Jackson: That's the Way Love Goes
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Vídeo musical
Everyone has heard of Janet Jackson: That's the Way Love Goes, a very successful film worldwide.
When we look back on the year 1993, it is impossible not to think about the premiere of this wonderful movie.
The cast of this film (Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez) has had to spend long months traveling and shooting with all the effort that this implies.

The film can say that it is lucky to have been directed by Rene Elizondo.
It has a duration of 6 min..
United States has been the country in charge of bringing this story to life.

When behind a film there is a production company as important as MTV, it shows in the results.
For the experience to be total, it is necessary for the music to accompany the story, complementing the messages they convey to us. Those in charge of finding the perfect melodies have been Charles Bobbitt, James Brown, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, John Starks and his team.

The genre of Musical is one of the most widely used in film and this is because it tends to work well with audiences.


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