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Gran Valor en la facultad de medicina is a wonderful film that has been around the world.
This film was published in the year 1981 being one of the most viewed.
Juan Carlos Calabró, Adriana Aguirre, Mónica Gonzaga, José Cibrián, Nelly Lainez are the actors and actresses in charge of giving life to the characters that the story tells.

The direction of the film has to continually make decisions and that work has been in the hands of Enrique Cahen Salaberry.
Enjoying 90 min. the duration of the film is one of the best plans to disconnect.
The movie is from Argentina.

The script is the common thread that leads the viewer through the film and with which the main message to be conveyed is brought to life. This work has been done by Abel Santacruz, Robert Francheville, Andr√© Mou√©zy-√Čon.
The music of this film comes from the hand of Mike Ribas.

Héctor Collodoro has a long experience in photography and now has this great film on his long list.
Each film is affected by many different factors so, although there are already many films that are of the Comedy genre, it does not mean that it will be the same as others, far from it.


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