El hotel de los líos. García y García 2


El hotel de los líos. García y García 2
El hotel de los líos. García y García 2
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We could say that El hotel de los líos. García y García 2 made a mark after its theatrical release, reaping huge box office sales.
The year 2023 he had the great luck of being chosen for this film to be released.
In the cast we can find great actors and actresses like José Mota, Pepe Viyuela, Paz Padilla, Diego Arroba "El Cejas", Ricardo Castella.

We could say that the mission of the film director is to supervise all the tasks of the film and make important decisions for it. This task has been possible thanks to Ana Murugarren.
If you wonder how long the movie is, we have the answer: 88 min..
The cinema of Spain is known worldwide and this film from that country could not be less.

We love the way Ana Murugarren, Ana Galán and his team have managed to convey the message of the film through the script.
The way the music in this film blends with the story is a true work of art produced by Aitzol Saratxaga.

Within the 7th art that is cinema, we find photography that is in charge of deciding the frames, positions of the actors, movements of the cameras ... in this case the person in charge of directing this entire process has been Josu Inchaustegui.
The variety of movies you can find about the Comedy genre gives you a better chance of enjoying this style.


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