El caos y el orden

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El caos y el orden
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Do you want to know a little more about the film El caos y el orden ? We tell you more about the film here, on cines.com.
The feature film was produced during long months of work and the final result can be enjoyed in the year 2016 after its theatrical release.
The professionalism with which they act Manuel Felguerez, Merche Oteyza, Elena Poniatowska, Rafael Tovar y de Teresa, Juan Villoro, allows us to focus even more on the message and enjoy the story.

The coordination of all the work units that may have been in this film has been possible thanks to the direction (Miguel √Āngel Tob√≠as).
You will enjoy 101 min. an immersive story.
One of the countries with the most films created in the history of cinema is Spain and this film is one of them.

It is not easy to make the story understood through a script, that all the elements of the film fit together and here you can see the hard work of Verónica Francisco, Andreu García, Jon Ander Santamaría.
The production company Acca Media, Donikeba has achieved excellent results thanks to its initial bet on this story.
The fact of knowing how, where and why to put the camera in a place, is the talent of Mauricio Madelat that has given us as a result a wonderful direction of photography.
The variety of movies you can find about the Documentary film genre gives you a better chance of enjoying this style.


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