El asesino


El asesino
El asesino
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El asesino is one of the most successful films of recent times.
This film was released in 1967 and people were looking forward to that day.
It's always nice to find a movie that has a cast as good as we find in this feature film composed by Wang Yu, Lisa Chiao, Li Hsiang-Chun, Tien Feng, Huang Chung-Hsin.

Film directors are very important in each creation and it is because the work they do is one of the hardest and most sacrificed in the project. This time it was Chang Cheh who suffered while enjoying this experience.
The story takes place during 121 min. in which it has you totally entertained.
Although filming can be done around the world, the bulk of the production and crew belongs to Hong Kong.

The script is the common thread that leads the viewer through the film and with which the main message to be conveyed is brought to life. This work has been done by Chang Cheh, Ni Kuang.
With a great professional career, we find Eddie H. Wang who, together with a great team, have been in charge of putting music to the feature film.

A director of photography is in charge of deciding what part of the scenery they are interested in capturing and from what angle. In this case, the person in charge of this important role has been Han Le Kuang, Chen San Yuan.
Viewers who like the Action genre really enjoy these kinds of movies. Are you one of them?


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