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We could say that Bambi made a mark after its theatrical release, reaping huge box office sales.
The effort and work of many people paid off when the film was released in the year 1942.
The direction of the film has been wonderful since it came from the hand of David Hand.
Meet the characters and enjoy them throughout 70 min. the movie lasts.
United States it has been the country that has given us this great movie.

When we analyze a movie, one of the most important parts to take into account is the script and in this case, it has come from the hand of Larry Morey, Felix Salten.
The great breadth of this project is thanks to Walt Disney Productions, the production company that has financed and carried out this film that we love.
With a great professional career, we find Edward Plumb, Frank Churchill who, together with a great team, have been in charge of putting music to the feature film.

Each person has their tastes regarding what type of feature films they like to see, but without a doubt, if you like the genre Animation, Drama, Childish, you have to see this movie.


Critics Bambi

What a beautiful movie. Unbelievable, the only 10/10 I have ever given! More animation
One of the best of all time from Disney. Nice movie. There has never been and never will be another movie like Bambi, it's unique and timeless!
A slice of life in the forest. Magic. Observational and reflective
Comforting, calming, sad, happy !!!!! Bambi changed the history of Disney. A true Disney masterpiece!
Beautiful movie. Disney gold classic. Disney's first masterpiece
Bambi: Happy in the heart, true to the soul. Beautiful ... truly beautiful. Bambi has held up well over the years, it's still a cinematic masterpiece
sad remastering of a classic. what a beautiful movie. The best Disney classic in my opinion!
A timeless Masterpice ... a flawless classic. Perhaps the first ever animated film, Touch My heart
This beautiful fawn
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