Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear


Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear
Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear
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The film Attack of the 50-Foot Gummi Bear had a very good acceptance when it was released in theaters.
The year this movie came out was in 2014.
The person we can consider the leader of this entire project is David Feiss. With a lot of effort he has managed to lead and coordinate an entire team in order to create an incredible film for his viewers.
6 min. is the length of the movie.
United States has been the country in charge of bringing this story to life.

Do you want to know who has given life to the script of the film? The writing team has been led by David Feiss., Thomas Krajewski.
The film has been generated by the large production company Sony Pictures Animation.
Another very important aspect of the film is the musical accompaniment that has been created by Mark Mothersbaugh.

Throughout the entire film we can see the presence of the Animation, Comedy genre in the feature film.


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