Fernando Colomo P.C Film Producer

If you are looking for a production company that allows you to watch very interesting films and full of messages to reflect on and understand, Fernando Colomo P.C it is your trusted producer. We have put together the films created by them to make it easier for you to find one that interests you.
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Producer Fernando Colomo P.C

The production company Fernando Colomo P.C has worked with directors with remarkable experience such as Daniela Féjerman, Inés París who have brought all their wisdom to each project and the results have been fascinating.

A production company like Fernando Colomo P.C assures you top-notch films in genres like Romance, Comedy, Drama. Normally the films of this producer are films that catch with great success at the box office.

Xabier Elorriaga, Chisco Amado, Sergio Otegui, Eliska Sirova, María Pujalte are some of the actors and actresses who have had the magnificent opportunity to work in films produced by Fernando Colomo P.C.

Producer Films Fernando Colomo P.C