Seth MacFarlane Film scriptwriter

Each scriptwriter dedicates a different time to each project, but what we are sure of is that it is not little. In the case of Seth MacFarlane, he is fully involved in each new film and strives for the best results. All his effort can be seen in the following films in which he has participated as a screenwriter.
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Screenwriter Seth MacFarlane

When you work in the world of cinema it is important to maintain a good connection between the director and the screenwriter. Seth MacFarlane has worked on many projects and some of the directors with whom he has managed to agree and create real wonders have been Peter Shin.

A screenwriter like Seth MacFarlane does very well in the following genres Comedy, Animation. Without a doubt, his great gifts as a screenwriter make us get involved in the films he writes.

Movies scripted by Seth MacFarlane