Michael Price Film scriptwriter

Converting a book into a script is not an easy task and that is why, in each film, there is a professional in the sector who is dedicated to doing that job. The scriptwriters have to manage to convey all the ideas and emotions that you can feel in a book through conversations and actions between the actors. Michael Price has done a lot of work as a screenwriter and here are his results.
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Screenwriter Michael Price

When directors like Michael Marcantel, Swinton O. Scott III, Matthew Schofield, Ralph Sosa, Neil Affleck count on you to write the script for their film, it is because you are really good and that happens with Michael Price that he has been lucky enough to be chosen for many of his projects.

A screenwriter like Michael Price does very well in the following genres Fantastic, Comedy, Animation, TV series. Without a doubt, his great gifts as a screenwriter make us get involved in the films he writes.

Movies scripted by Michael Price