David Planell Film scriptwriter

The scriptwriters have the important mission of telling a story through dialogues in which in addition to communicating the plot, they have to express the feelings and emotions that the viewers have to perceive. David Planell knows how to do that job perfectly and that is why he has worked on all these films.
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Screenwriter David Planell

When directors like Yolanda García Serrano, Enric Folch, Joaquín Oristrell, Mar Targarona count on you to write the script for their film, it is because you are really good and that happens with David Planell that he has been lucky enough to be chosen for many of his projects.

A screenwriter like David Planell does very well in the following genres TV series, Drama. Without a doubt, his great gifts as a screenwriter make us get involved in the films he writes.

Movies scripted by David Planell