Vacaciones en el mar

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Vacaciones en el mar
Vacaciones en el mar
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We could say that Vacaciones en el mar made a mark after its theatrical release, reaping huge box office sales.
This film was released in 1977 and people were looking forward to that day.
Without a doubt, the cast of this film is very well chosen with actresses and actors like Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Ted Lange, Lauren Tewes who are ideal for the role they play.

The film can say that it is lucky to have been directed by Douglas S. Cramer, Aaron Spelling, Richard Kinon, Roger Duchowny, Robert Scheerer.
It has a duration of 60 min..
It is the least interesting to stop to see this movie of United States.

One of the most important parts of the film is the decision of which words are going to be chosen to express what the director is looking for and this was in the hands of Jeraldine Saunders, Ben Joelson, Art Baer, Tony Webster, Ray Jessel.
When behind a film there is a production company as important as Aaron Spelling Productions, Douglas S. Cramer Company, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), it shows in the results.
For the experience to be total, it is necessary for the music to accompany the story, complementing the messages they convey to us. Those in charge of finding the perfect melodies have been Charles Fox, Artie Kane, Ben Lanzarone and his team.

Another of the most important parts of a film is the choice of the frames to be used, the lights creating effects, the direction of the gaze of the characters ... all those decisions in this film have been made Lloyd Ahern, Irving Lippman, Archie R. Dalzell.
Each film is affected by many different factors so, although there are already many films that are of the TV series, Comedy, Romance genre, it does not mean that it will be the same as others, far from it.


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