Un chucho en la Casa Blanca


Un chucho en la Casa Blanca
Un chucho en la Casa Blanca
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The movie Un chucho en la Casa Blanca was a huge hit when it was released.
The big premiere of the film took place in year 2000.
Although the character is marked by the script, the work that the actors and actresses of this film do to bring their characters to life is wonderful. In the cast we find Richard Karn, Fred Willard, Vincent Schiavelli, Cody Jones, Kathryn Greenwood.

Alex Zamm 's experience in the film world has meant that this project has been approached with great confidence and with an impeccable film direction.
It has a duration of 88 min..
It is the least interesting to stop to see this movie of United States.

Do you want to know who has given life to the script of the film? The writing team has been led by Mark Steilen, Bennett Yellin.
Almost all of the work is supervised and carried out by the production company Walt Disney Television, Sandollar Television who has made sure that the quality of each scene is the best possible.
Can you imagine seeing a movie without music to accompany the story? It would be all a waste and more if the team of musicians is directed and formed by Chris Hajian as it is in this case.

Albert J. Dunk has a long experience in photography and now has this great film on his long list.
The variety of movies you can find about the Comedy, Childish genre gives you a better chance of enjoying this style.


Critics Un chucho en la Casa Blanca

A very funny retelling of the classic tale The Prince and the Pauper. slap stick, prince and poor canine. An american shame
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