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If you want to know the details of the movie Truman , this is the right place. We tell you more about her!
The film's premiere occurred in 2015 and was one of the most anticipated releases of the year.
Another important part when creating a movie is the cast, which in this case is comprised of Javier C√°mara, Ricardo Dar√≠n, Dolores Fonzi, √Älex Brendem√ľhl, Javier Guti√©rrez.

The film can say that it is lucky to have been directed by Cesc Gay.
You can enjoy this movie alone, with family, with friends or with whoever you want during 108 min..
It comes from Spain.

Do you want to know who has given life to the script of the film? The writing team has been led by Cesc Gay, Tomàs Aragay.
The production companies are betting on certain stories that they will later turn into movies and, without a doubt, Imposible Films, Trumanfilm, BD Cine, Canal+ Espa√Īa, Televisi√≥n de Galicia (TVG) has been completely right with this one.
An important job is that of Nico Cota, Toti Soler and his team who have managed to create a perfect soundtrack for the story they tell us.

The fact of knowing how, where and why to put the camera in a place, is the talent of Andreu Rebés that has given us as a result a wonderful direction of photography.
If we had to frame this film in a specific genre, that would be Drama, Comedy.


Critics Truman

Emotion! Emotion! Emotion!. Real life instead of a show. Truman - A wonderful lesson in humanity, disconcertingly natural!
Funny, deeply moving and bittersweet comedy / drama. If it's a male friendship ... Spend a quality last moment with an old friend
Friendship, love, and family is all we have (and dogs!). A kind of bittersweet comedy from Spain. You can see this movie in its entirety, but the script has some issues.
Short review: What a surprise. an unusually intense multi-layered story about grief told with great warmth and honesty. There is no manual for assuming death
All the characters are idiots. One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. a real boy friendship
Entertaining and funny despite the sad tone and the underlying cause (incurable cancer). Strong story and movie full of strong actors. Real picture of pain, patience and friendship. Interesting, moving and well-acted movie
One of the most underrated movies of all time. Because I liked Ricardo Darin as an actor, I choose this movie. As well-acted and genuine as it is, it's a bit boring. Charming drama with emotion, sensitive moments, sadness and a pleasant friendship
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