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The film Tres deseos had a very good acceptance when it was released in theaters.
This film was published in the year 1995 being one of the most viewed.
Both the leads and supporting actors (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Patrick Swayze, Joseph Mazzello, Diane Venora, Jay O. Sanders) do an excellent job.

Film directors are very important in each creation and it is because the work they do is one of the hardest and most sacrificed in the project. This time it was Martha Coolidge who suffered while enjoying this experience.
The duration of the film is 115 min..
Although filming can be done around the world, the bulk of the production and crew belongs to United States.

It is not easy to make the story understood through a script, that all the elements of the film fit together and here you can see the hard work of Elizabeth Anderson, W.W. Wicket, George Kaplan.
The production companies are betting on certain stories that they will later turn into movies and, without a doubt, Rysher Entertainment, Savoy Pictures has been completely right with this one.
The film's soundtrack and music were created by Cynthia Millar.

The direction of photography has been in charge of Johnny E. Jensen.
Each film is affected by many different factors so, although there are already many films that are of the Romance, Drama genre, it does not mean that it will be the same as others, far from it.


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