Tom y Jerry: Una gran batalla


Tom y Jerry: Una gran batalla
Tom y Jerry: Una gran batalla
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Surely you have ever had talking points about the cinema. If you want to keep up to date and also have a good time, Tom y Jerry: Una gran batalla is a movie you need to see.
The premiere of this wonderful film took place in theaters in the year 1943.
The person in charge of the entire direction of this film was William Hanna, Joseph Barbera.
7 min. is the length of the movie.
The film industry exists in practically every country in the world, but this feature film belongs to United States.

You can see a hard work on the part of William Hanna, Joseph Barbera that as a result a most sophisticated script has been obtained.
This film is in a long list of films created by the production company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Fred Quimby Productions, Quimby-Hanna/Barbera, Loew's among which some can be seen with great success.
According to the film, the music and the soundtrack have a different importance since in some it is the most important and in others it goes more unnoticed. In this case Scott Bradley, Ludwig van Beethoven and his team have struck a perfect balance.

Perhaps a large part of the success of this film is that it has been a success to expose this story and these messages from a Animation, Comedy genre.


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