Sunny and Steve


Sunny and Steve
Sunny and Steve
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Everyone has heard of Sunny and Steve, a very successful film worldwide.
The feature film was released in year 2014 with very good results in a few weeks.
The person in charge of the entire direction of this film was Bill Dorais, Ty Coyle.
3 min. is the length of the movie.
The movie is from United States.

The script is the common thread that leads the viewer through the film and with which the main message to be conveyed is brought to life. This work has been done by Bill Dorais, Ty Coyle.
MPC NY has been the production company that has given life to this project and for which it has been carried out due to its large initial investment.
With a great professional career, we find Michael Scott who, together with a great team, have been in charge of putting music to the feature film.

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