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Serie de TV
We could say that Olmos y Robles, una pareja de ley made a mark after its theatrical release, reaping huge box office sales.
The year this movie came out was in 2015.
Among the cast we can see Pepe Viyuela, Rubén Cortada, Pilar Castro, Ana Morgade, Enrique Villén in action.

Each film director has his own style when it comes to producing feature films and Carlos Martín, Jorge Lara, Carlos Therón, Juan Manuel Rodríguez Pachón, Antonio Recio 's style is clearly reflected in this film.
70 min. is the length of the movie.
It is the least interesting to stop to see this movie of Spain.

You can see a hard work on the part of Carlos Martín, Jorge Lara, María Miranda, Fernando Pérez, Alfredo Díaz that as a result a most sophisticated script has been obtained.
The production companies are betting on certain stories that they will later turn into movies and, without a doubt, 100 Balas, RTVE has been completely right with this one.
The music of this film comes from the hand of Pablo Cervantes.

The symmetry, the lights, the frames ... all these elements are very important for a cinematographer who in this one has almost been Víctor Tejedor, Rafa Roche.
This film is one of the feature films that are of the TV series, Comedy, Action genre.


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