Objetos perdidos


Objetos perdidos
Objetos perdidos
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The feature film with such success Objetos perdidos is ideal for an afternoon of disconnection.
The year 2014 he had the great luck of being chosen for this film to be released.
One of the most important parts prior to filming is the casting of actors and actresses and we believe that this time it is very successful with the participation of Javier Pereira, MarĂ­a Cotiello, Txema Blasco, Mariano Monedero, Julia PĂ©rez.

Each film director has his own style when it comes to producing feature films and Álvaro Oliva 's style is clearly reflected in this film.
If you want to know the end you will have to go through 13 min. wonderful.
Spain it has been the country that has given us this great movie.

The way the story is told is wonderful and this result is thanks to the fact that the script was in the hands of Josu DĂ­az.
The film has been generated by the large production company Álvaro Oliva.
The film's soundtrack and music were created by José Antonio Serrano.

The great direction of photography has been taken by Jonay Arbelo.
Each film is affected by many different factors so, although there are already many films that are of the Comedy genre, it does not mean that it will be the same as others, far from it.

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