No estás sola, Sara


No estás sola, Sara
No estás sola, Sara
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No estás sola, Sara is a wonderful film that has been around the world.
The year 2009 he had the great luck of being chosen for this film to be released.
Although the character is marked by the script, the work that the actors and actresses of this film do to bring their characters to life is wonderful. In the cast we find Amaia Salamanca, Ricard Sales, Aida Folch, Yolanda Arestegui, Chusa Barbero.

The direction of the film has to continually make decisions and that work has been in the hands of Carlos Sedes.
The cinema of Spain is known worldwide and this film from that country could not be less.

It is not easy to make the story understood through a script, that all the elements of the film fit together and here you can see the hard work of Antonio Hernández.
The great breadth of this project is thanks to Ficción Media, TVE, the production company that has financed and carried out this film that we love.
Another very important aspect of the film is the musical accompaniment that has been created by Federico Jusid.

The person in charge of making sure that all the photographic elements fit together perfectly was Javier Salmones.
If we had to frame this film in a specific genre, that would be Drama.


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