My Landlord Wants Me Dead


My Landlord Wants Me Dead
My Landlord Wants Me Dead
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Everyone has heard of My Landlord Wants Me Dead , a very successful film worldwide.
After several years of planning and shooting, the film was released in theaters in year 2023.
Although the character is marked by the script, the work that the actors and actresses of this film do to bring their characters to life is wonderful. In the cast we find Emily Roslyn Villarreal, Roy Abramsohn, Joey C. Heyworth, Anzu Lawson, Lauren Vaz.

As you may have seen, there are many people involved in the making of a film and therefore, a figure is necessary to coordinate all that chaos and decide when no one knows exactly what to do. Farah White has been the person in charge of directing the entire film.
The duration of the film is 88 min..
It comes from United States.

When the script is wonderful, it is said and in this case the work done by Richard Dane Scott is worthy of admiration.
Andy Forsberg and his team of musicians have been the creators of the soundtrack of this film that transports us completely into history.

Another of the most important parts of a film is the choice of the frames to be used, the lights creating effects, the direction of the gaze of the characters ... all those decisions in this film have been made Ferguson Sauvé-Rogan.
If we had to frame this film in a specific genre, that would be Thriller.


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