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Matrimonio al desnudo is the perfect movie to relax for a while and disconnect from the daily routine.
The making of the film was done very carefully and the final result could be seen in theaters in year 1974.
One of the most important parts prior to filming is the casting of actors and actresses and we believe that this time it is very successful with the participation of Analía Gadé, Arturo Fernández, Teresa Rabal, Jaime de Mora y Aragón, Rosanna Yanni.

As you may have seen, there are many people involved in the making of a film and therefore, a figure is necessary to coordinate all that chaos and decide when no one knows exactly what to do. Ramón Fernández has been the person in charge of directing the entire film.
If you are one of those who like to comment on the films you see, with this one you will have 77 min. the duration of the film so as not to miss any details.
Spain it has been the country that has given us this great movie.

We love the way Juan Jos√© Alonso Mill√°n, √Ālvaro de la Iglesia, Johann von V√°s√°ry and his team have managed to convey the message of the film through the script.
The soundtrack of this film enhances the emotions of each scene and the team responsible for making this happen is led by Gregorio García Segura.

Fernando Arribas has a long experience in photography and now has this great film on his long list.
As a result of a whole production process on a very marked line, we have been able to see a Comedy movie full of messages and work of months and even years.

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