Los vengadores

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Los vengadores
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Los vengadores is one of the most successful films of recent times.
The year 1961 was full of great premieres and one of them was this.
We have seen many of the actors and actresses in this film working on other films before, but we have loved seeing them play together as Patrick MacNee, Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson, Ian Hendry.

Sydney Newman, Don Leaver, Peter Hammond, Kim Mills, Roy Ward Baker knows how to handle himself in the role of film director and therefore exudes confidence when making a decision.
You will enjoy 60 min. an immersive story.
The cinema of United Kingdom is known worldwide and this film from that country could not be less.

The script was created by Sydney Newman, Richard Bates, John Bryce, Brian Clemens, Philip Levene.
The production process is very long, beyond the filming and that has been carried out thanks to the production company Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC).
The film's soundtrack and music were created by Laurie Johnson.

The mythical scenes in which the main character is in a visually very harmonious environment, is the product of the great work of Alan Hume, Ernest Steward, Gilbert Taylor, Peter Jessop, Gerry Turpin, Stephen Dade, Lionel Banes, Wilkie Cooper, David Holmes, Walter J. Harvey, Gerald Gibbs.
This film is one of the feature films that are of the TV series, Action, Intrigue, Thriller genre.


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