Los tiempos de Héctor


Los tiempos de Héctor
Los tiempos de Héctor
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The feature film Los tiempos de Héctor is one of the best known films that have this theme.
The film was one of the most anticipated feature films of the year 2017.
The professionalism with which they act Isaura Espinoza, Fermín Martínez, Andrea Portal, allows us to focus even more on the message and enjoy the story.

Ariel Gutierrez knows how to handle himself in the role of film director and therefore exudes confidence when making a decision.
29 min. is the time that the movie catches you.
Mexico it has been the country that has given us this great movie.

The way the story is told is wonderful and this result is thanks to the fact that the script was in the hands of Ariel Gutierrez.
This film belongs to the production company Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC).
Within the 7th art that is cinema, we find photography that is in charge of deciding the frames, positions of the actors, movements of the cameras ... in this case the person in charge of directing this entire process has been Argel Ahumada.
Throughout the entire film we can see the presence of the Drama genre in the feature film.


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