Los malos del viejo Detroit

Documentary film

Los malos del viejo Detroit
Los malos del viejo Detroit
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At cines.com we tell you a little more about the feature film Los malos del viejo Detroit.
The year 2007 he had the great luck of being chosen for this film to be released.
The cast of this film (Ronny Cox, Miguel Ferrer, Kurtwood Smith, Ray Wise, Paul Verhoeven) has had to spend long months traveling and shooting with all the effort that this implies.

Each film director has his own style when it comes to producing feature films and Laurel Parker, Aaron Vanek 's style is clearly reflected in this film.
If you are one of those who like to comment on the films you see, with this one you will have 20 min. the duration of the film so as not to miss any details.
Although the cinema is very widespread throughout the Earth, this film comes to us from United States.

In the film industry, film production companies are very important, as they are responsible for carrying all or almost all the economic weight of a production. In this case everything has been thanks to Mobley Street Production, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.
For the experience to be total, it is necessary for the music to accompany the story, complementing the messages they convey to us. Those in charge of finding the perfect melodies have been Basil Poledouris and his team.

Each film is affected by many different factors so, although there are already many films that are of the Documentary film genre, it does not mean that it will be the same as others, far from it.


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