Las hijas de Danao


Las hijas de Danao
Las hijas de Danao
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The film Las hijas de Danao had a very good acceptance when it was released in theaters.
The film's premiere occurred in 2014 and was one of the most anticipated releases of the year.
The cast of this film (Paco Roma, Fran Millán, Beatriz Rico, Susanna Pauw, Mónica Aragón) has very good results since they hit a lot with the role obtained.

The person in charge of the entire direction of this film was Fran Kapilla.
It has a duration of 109 min..
It comes from Spain.

The script was created by Fran Kapilla.
Music is a differentiating element, which enhances the emotions that the story generates in us and in this case it has been directed by Víctor Caytas.

If we had to frame this film in a specific genre, that would be Intrigue, Thriller.


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