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Do you want a movie and popcorn plan? La tormenta perfecta is the perfect option for it.
This film was published in the year 2000 being one of the most viewed.
The years of training and experience of the actors and actresses George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, Diane Lane, John C. Reilly, William Fichtner are evident in the final result.

Wolfgang Petersen adds to his long list of professional career, having been the person in charge of the direction of this film.
The time you can enjoy this movie is 129 min..
The film belongs to United States, one of the countries that generates the most cinema in the world.

The script was created by Bill Wittliff, Sebastian Junger.
In the film industry, film production companies are very important, as they are responsible for carrying all or almost all the economic weight of a production. In this case everything has been thanks to Warner Bros., Baltimore Pictures, Radiant Productions, Warner Bros..
The soundtrack for this feature film has been created by James Horner.

The control of the cameras shows that it has been under the command of John Seale since the direction of photography is splendid.
Each person has their tastes regarding what type of feature films they like to see, but without a doubt, if you like the genre Adventure, Drama, you have to see this movie.


Critics La tormenta perfecta

There is only love, Christina, only love. $ 220 MILLION + WORLDWIDE AND STILL GOING STRONG ... Best Movie I Saw That Summer
FROM THE DESK OF GEORGE WASHINGTON. Good adventure movie. A storm like no other and a movie to match
.... it was perfect for me .. One of the most intense action adventures in recent years. One of my ten favorite movies
One of the best disaster movies. Woosh. Very nice!
Near perfect storm. Comments. One of the best movies I have seen.
the perfect storm was one of the scariest storms in the ocean, it saddened me (Movie A +) My ratings 10/10. Good movie!!!. A wonderful movie, even without Johnny Depp
Excellent movie. Great movie!. Still exciting and fantastic 10 years later
A perfect movie, but you may only want to see it once. This movie is so good. I love this movie!
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