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The film La telenovela errante has rave reviews and is among the best-known feature films in the world.
People were looking forward to seeing this movie and they finally got to see it in theaters in year 2017.
Another important part when creating a movie is the cast, which in this case is comprised of Luis Alarcón, Patricia Rivadeneira, Francisco Reyes, Consuelo Castillo, Roberto Poblete.

The direction of the film has been wonderful since it came from the hand of Raoul Ruiz, Valeria Sarmiento.
90 min. is the length of the movie.
Although filming can be done around the world, the bulk of the production and crew belongs to Chile.

When we analyze a movie, one of the most important parts to take into account is the script and in this case, it has come from the hand of Raoul Ruiz.
The world is full of great producers and one of the best known is Poetastros, RR Producciones, creator and developer of this project.
With a long career path, Jorge Arriagada and his team have created a perfect environment thanks to the music of the film.

Everyone has ever taken a photograph, but it has nothing to do with Leo Kocking and his team, who are all professionals and it has been proven when directing the photography for this film.
The genre Drama, Comedy, Fantastic is very easy to detect in the film and even more so if you are passionate about this type of film.


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