La red - primera parte


La red - primera parte
La red - primera parte
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La red - primera parte has the ability to wrap you in his story and make you forget about your real life.
People were looking forward to seeing this movie and they finally got to see it in theaters in year 2020.
If you like good actors and actresses here you can find some like María Eugenia Altobelli, Carolina Rotolo.

The direction of the film has been wonderful since it came from the hand of Mariano Cirigliano.
The duration of the film is 10 min..
The movie is from Argentina.

Do you want to know who has given life to the script of the film? The writing team has been led by Mariano Cirigliano.
If you are interested in music and movie soundtracks, you will find it interesting to know that the movie soundtrack was created by Chan Walrus.

Professionals who dedicate themselves to photography have a sense of space and lights that is trained and developed over the years. Mariano Cirigliano and his team have done a wonderful job on this film creating frames that could be postcards.
The variety of movies you can find about the Terror genre gives you a better chance of enjoying this style.


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