La conquista de un reino


La conquista de un reino
La conquista de un reino
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La conquista de un reino is a world-renowned film with high ratings.
This film was published in the year 1947 being one of the most viewed.
The cast of this film (Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Maria Montez, Rita Corday, Henry Daniell, Nigel Bruce) has very good results since they hit a lot with the role obtained.

Each film director has his own style when it comes to producing feature films and Max Oph√ľls 's style is clearly reflected in this film.
The story takes place during 95 min. in which it has you totally entertained.
The movie is from United States.

When the script is wonderful, it is said and in this case the work done by Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Cosmo Hamilton is worthy of admiration.
We are sure that this feature film will have a great career as well as its production company Fairbanks Company, Universal Pictures.
With a great professional career, we find Frank Skinner who, together with a great team, have been in charge of putting music to the feature film.

Another of the most important parts of a film is the choice of the frames to be used, the lights creating effects, the direction of the gaze of the characters ... all those decisions in this film have been made Franz Planer.
Each person has their tastes regarding what type of feature films they like to see, but without a doubt, if you like the genre Adventure, Romance, you have to see this movie.


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