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Serie de TV
We could say that Inspectora Heller made a mark after its theatrical release, reaping huge box office sales.
This film was published in the year 2014 being one of the most viewed.
In the cast we can find great actors and actresses like Lisa Wagner, Hans-Jochen Wagner, Nina Kronjäger, Lena Stolze, Franziska Neiding.

Christiane Balthasar, Andreas Senn knows how to handle himself in the role of film director and therefore exudes confidence when making a decision.
The duration of the film is 90 min..
Germany has been the country in charge of bringing this story to life.

One of the most important parts of the film is the decision of which words are going to be chosen to express what the director is looking for and this was in the hands of Mathias Klaschka, Silvia Roth, Martina Mouchot, Thorsten Näter.
One of the best known production companies in the film world is Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion which in this case has been in charge of bringing this project to life.
The film's soundtrack and music were created by Johannes Kobilke.

Within the 7th art that is cinema, we find photography that is in charge of deciding the frames, positions of the actors, movements of the cameras ... in this case the person in charge of directing this entire process has been Hannes Hubach, Markus Hausen.
Perhaps a large part of the success of this film is that it has been a success to expose this story and these messages from a TV series, Intrigue, Drama genre.


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