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Many times, we want to disconnect from the day to day and the movie Factor caos is perfect for it since it envelops you in its history and you can't stop thinking about it.
When we look back on the year 2000, it is impossible not to think about the premiere of this wonderful movie.
It's always nice to find a movie that has a cast as good as we find in this feature film composed by Antonio Sabato Jr., Fred Ward, Kelly Rutherford, Susie Park, Sean Kanan.

The direction of the film has to continually make decisions and that work has been in the hands of Terry Cunningham.
The characters evolve throughout 95 min. the film lasts.
It comes from United States.

When the script is wonderful, it is said and in this case the work done by Terry Cunningham, Terry Cunningham, John J. Kelly is worthy of admiration.
The production company PM Entertainment Group has achieved excellent results thanks to its initial bet on this story.
The music of this film comes from the hand of Alex Wilkinson.

Everyone has ever taken a photograph, but it has nothing to do with Jacques Haitkin and his team, who are all professionals and it has been proven when directing the photography for this film.
The genre Action, Thriller is very easy to detect in the film and even more so if you are passionate about this type of film.


Critics Factor caos

It seems to be a bad remake of 'The Odessa File'. Doing the doing. Very good movie!
Regular suspense video that has nothing to do. When you leave your own soldiers behind, you have condemned them to oblivion. I can't decide what you want to say
Just stupid !!!! The chaos factor is kind of a middle ground. Enemy of the state is not
Total disappointment. The decline of PM Entertainment. Pretty silly, poor writing and direction, some good action sequences, 4 out of 10 at best
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