El escote


El escote
El escote
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We could say that El escote made a mark after its theatrical release, reaping huge box office sales.
The release date of this film is in year 1987.
One of the most important parts prior to filming is the casting of actors and actresses and we believe that this time it is very successful with the participation of Laura Conti, Abel Folk, Ferran Rañé, Jaume Valls, Mingo Rafols.

We could say that the mission of the film director is to supervise all the tasks of the film and make important decisions for it. This task has been possible thanks to Antoni Verdaguer.
The characters live the experience throughout 103 min..
It comes from Spain.

The script is the common thread that leads the viewer through the film and with which the main message to be conveyed is brought to life. This work has been done by Antoni Verdaguer, Vicenç Villatoro, María Jaén.
The film has been generated by the large production company Ă“palo Films.
The way the music in this film blends with the story is a true work of art produced by Ramon Muntaner.

MagĂ­n Torruella has a long experience in photography and now has this great film on his long list.
The genre of Comedy is one of the most widely used in film and this is because it tends to work well with audiences.


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