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We could say that El elegido made a mark after its theatrical release, reaping huge box office sales.
This film was published in the year 2016 being one of the most viewed.
It's always nice to find a movie that has a cast as good as we find in this feature film composed by Alfonso Herrera, Hannah Murray, Julian Sands, Elvira Mínguez, Frances Barber.

We could say that the mission of the film director is to supervise all the tasks of the film and make important decisions for it. This task has been possible thanks to Antonio Chavarrías.
If you want to know the end you will have to go through 122 min. wonderful.
One of the countries with the most films created in the history of cinema is Spain and this film is one of them.

It is not easy to make the story understood through a script, that all the elements of the film fit together and here you can see the hard work of Antonio Chavarrías, Teresa Pelegri, Dominic Harari.
The great breadth of this project is thanks to Oberón Cinematográfica, Alebrije Cine y Video, Ibermedia, ICIC, ICAA, the production company that has financed and carried out this film that we love.
The way the music in this film blends with the story is a true work of art produced by Arnau Bataller.

The person in charge of making sure that all the photographic elements fit together perfectly was Guillermo Granillo.
Viewers who like the Thriller, Drama genre really enjoy these kinds of movies. Are you one of them?


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