El Código


El Código
El Código
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El Código is a world-renowned film with high ratings.
The year 2006 was full of great premieres and one of them was this.
The years of training and experience of the actors and actresses Manuel Tallafé are evident in the final result.

We can consider a film as a gear in which each piece contributes something different to the final product and that all of them have to fit perfectly so that there is no meaningless set of ideas. The direction of the film has to ensure that this situation is fulfilled and in this case, Álex de la Iglesia has been impeccable.
During the 4 min. that the film lasts, the messages and reflections are seen little by little.
The movie is from Spain.

The script was created by Álex de la Iglesia, Manuel Tallafé.
Almost all of the work is supervised and carried out by the production company Álex de la Iglesia, Notodofilmfest who has made sure that the quality of each scene is the best possible.
Each person has their tastes regarding what type of feature films they like to see, but without a doubt, if you like the genre Comedy, you have to see this movie.


Critics El Código

This connects with a new word order. big but parts of rarity. What movie were the critics reviewing?
I basically thoroughly enjoyed the movie, don't judge a movie by the critics! A masterpiece in itself! I loved
It did not disappoint. Great, great movie. Movie of the year
Funny movie. Be catholic And a hater of the book that I have not read. I enjoyed this! Da Vinci Code, not so bad after all
The Da Vinci Code beyond expectations. So dark the scam of the critics. It's just amazing
Extremely cool! This was awesome! ... an essential classic. The critics
The DV code is awesome! Incredible .... What else can I say? Excellent! Excellent! Brilliant !!!!!! ... 10/10
This is a very good movie !!! The code of success. Excellent!
I loved!
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