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Dragon Ball has the ability to wrap you in his story and make you forget about your real life.
The film's producers decided that it would be released in year 1986.
The coordination of all the work units that may have been in this film has been possible thanks to the direction (Akira Toriyama, Daisuke Nishio, Kazuhisa Takenouchi, Minoru Okazaki, Mitsuo Hashimoto).
Meet the characters and enjoy them throughout 30 min. the movie lasts.
One of the countries with the most films created in the history of cinema is Japan and this film is one of them.

The script was created by Katsuyuki Sumisawa, Keiji Terui, Michiru Shimada, Miho Maruo, Shun-ichi Yukimuro.
Almost all of the work is supervised and carried out by the production company Toei Animation who has made sure that the quality of each scene is the best possible.
Can you imagine seeing a movie without music to accompany the story? It would be all a waste and more if the team of musicians is directed and formed by Shunsuke Kikuchi as it is in this case.

The genre TV series, Animation, Science fiction, Comedy, Action is very easy to detect in the film and even more so if you are passionate about this type of film.


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