Confesiones de un artista

Documentary film

Confesiones de un artista
Confesiones de un artista
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Confesiones de un artista is one of the most successful films of recent times.
The year 2022 he had the great luck of being chosen for this film to be released.
Both the leads and supporting actors (Luis Ibars, Ramón Margareto) do an excellent job.

The responsibility that the film director has during the shooting of a movie is so great that it is sometimes stressful for the person. In this case it was Alejandro Iodice, √Āngela Aguilar, Ram√≥n Margareto.
The story takes place during 68 min. in which it has you totally entertained.
The process of creating this film has been located in Spain.

You can see a hard work on the part of Alejandro Iodice,, √Āngela Aguilar,, Ram√≥n Margareto that as a result a most sophisticated script has been obtained.
Sotano Films,, Fanzine Films has been the production company that has given life to this project and for which it has been carried out due to its large initial investment.
The key moments of a film must be accompanied by a soundtrack or songs that go according to the moment and that has been taken care of Alejandro Iodice,, Mario Ventura Varela.

The direction of photography has been in charge of Alejandro Iodice.
This film is one of the feature films that are of the Documentary film genre.

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