Beyoncé feat. Frank Ocean: Superpower


Beyoncé feat. Frank Ocean: Superpower
Beyoncé feat. Frank Ocean: Superpower
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Vídeo musical
In all films there are messages that are seen with the naked eye and others that are deeper. Beyoncé feat. Frank Ocean: Superpower has many of them that are sure to make you reflect.
The film hit theaters in year 2013 with great success.
Beyoncé, Cheyenne Depree, Viet Dang, Luke James, Kelly Rowland are the actors and actresses in charge of giving life to the characters that the story tells.

Jonas Åkerlund 's experience in the film world has meant that this project has been approached with great confidence and with an impeccable film direction.
If you are one of those who like to comment on the films you see, with this one you will have 5 min. the duration of the film so as not to miss any details.
The film belongs to United States, one of the countries that generates the most cinema in the world.

We are sure that this feature film will have a great career as well as its production company Acme - Smith, Black Dog Films, YouTube.
The film's soundtrack and music were created by Jordan Asher Cruz, Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé, Frank Ocean.

The symmetry, the lights, the frames ... all these elements are very important for a cinematographer who in this one has almost been Pär M. Ekberg.
Perhaps a large part of the success of this film is that it has been a success to expose this story and these messages from a Musical genre.


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