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Throughout the history of cinema, we have enjoyed many films with which we have relaxed for a long time and 9 is one of them.
One of the most anticipated releases of the year 2009 was, without a doubt, this feature film.
If you like good actors and actresses here you can find some like Laia Marull, Elena Anaya, Pilar Castro, Fran Boira, Secun De La Rosa.

The film can say that it is lucky to have been directed by Candela Pe√Īa.
If you wonder how long the movie is, we have the answer: 10 min..
Although the cinema is very widespread throughout the Earth, this film comes to us from Spain.

The way the story is told is wonderful and this result is thanks to the fact that the script was in the hands of Candela Pe√Īa.
When behind a film there is a production company as important as UNATC, it shows in the results.
Within the 7th art that is cinema, we find photography that is in charge of deciding the frames, positions of the actors, movements of the cameras ... in this case the person in charge of directing this entire process has been Juana Jiménez.
If you are passionate about Drama movies, you are interested in the right movie.


Critics 9

A master peace. This is an action movie, not an action movie. Great Bow!
Beautifull. Finally, something original for the summer of 2009! Intense and connectable
I couldn't see it all ... So depressing and so well done. A definitive teether! Futuristic social commentary
Reinvent the science fiction genre. Masterpiece. Amazing masterpiece!
The Twist. This is a horribly impressive movie. A fascinating story with an allegorical message!
Are you kidding me? (slight spoilers). District Nine sets a new standard for brilliance. Future classic .. Waiting for a sequel!
Finally a sci-fi movie that really pays off. What a fantastic movie !! An unexpected pleasure
Unexpected shine! Fantastic. YOU SHOULD SEE! This will blow you away!
Excellent first film for a fantastic director
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