Movies about Yoshio Tsuchiya

Yoshio Tsuchiya 's professionalism can be seen in each of his works and he knows how to adapt your personality and even his physique to the demands of the role. With a long history, here you can see all the films in which he has worked, always giving the best of his talent for the public.
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Filmography of Yoshio Tsuchiya

Yoshio Tsuchiya has worked hand in hand with many other actors and actresses, but a very important position in the making of a film is the director. Here you can see all the directors he has worked with: Akira Kurosawa, Kazuki Omori, Ishirô Honda, Jun Fukuda.

Genres Fantastic, Drama, Romance, Adventure, Action are preferred by Yoshio Tsuchiya when it comes to choosing the films in which she wants to act. After years of experience he has managed to specialize in those genres and get many roles because of that.

Movies where he has acted Yoshio Tsuchiya