Movies about Vito DeFilippo

It doesn't matter if Vito DeFilippo plays a main character or a supporting character, he always does his best and gets us hooked on the story of his character and the movie. Here is the list of movies in which Vito DeFilippo has participated.
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Filmography of Vito DeFilippo

All the directors he has worked with Vito DeFilippo have agreed that his talent makes it very easy for them to work and he is a person very committed to his work and that is appreciated. Among those directors are James Allodi, Paul Carrière, Laura Kosterski, Alex Epstein, Jim Donovan.

The genres Comedy, TV series are very recurrent in the world of cinema and one of the actors who stands out the most in these styles is Vito DeFilippo who manages to perfectly transmit all the ideas and emotions that he pursues.

Movies where he has acted Vito DeFilippo